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We check regularly the most wanted online card rooms to ensure we have offer you the best Poker rooms only. A few facts are not to ignore about a Poker room, like supported games (texas hold'em, omaha, seven card, five card, etc.), customer support, cash games, tournaments and live poker qualifiers. To have a good start, read our Poker tips for beginners! If you like playing in online casinos you will find the most wanted only. Download the best Poker Rooms and Online Casinos. Read every week the hottest Promotions from the gambling market.

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Playing Poker Online

After you've tried your first few Poker games, it becomes apparent, which strategies are promising and which are not.

You've learned the joy of winning hands but also the frustration of losing games and probably more than once you've gotten overwhelmed by impatience, because no good cards had shown up. You might have reflected your Poker strategy and contemplated your self-made moves.

If you're one of those players who haven't had much experience at the poker table, but have already been gripped by passion: always watch out for the four elements of Poker! Your cards, your opponents, your bankroll and your mood.

Your Poker hand

Play with the best hands only! Weak hands won't get you far. Be patient and wait for your chance. Once you have a strong hand, play with determination and don't hesitate to bet. The most common error that's made by bad poker players is to call too often with mediocre cards. Don't expect your hand to suddenly become strong. Your cards must be so promising at this particular moment that you willingly want to raise with them. If your hand is not good enough for it, throw it away and save your money.

Your opponents

You're not the only player longing for that pot your opponents want to grab it, too. If one of your opponents is betting he's doing it for a reason. Don't only look at your own cards, but also try to understand your opponents. Watch their moves and try to figure who you're dealing with. There are players who want to play with each hand, while others wait for a long time and only play with a strong hand. Some players are very willing to take risks, while others are afraid of getting too aggressive. The better you know your opponents, the better you'll play against them.

Your bankroll

Your bankroll is your entire gambling asset. It's better to reserve a certain amount for Poker in advance, rather than constantly deposit and pay out. The bankroll shouldn't be touched for a long time, but considered as a financial investment, whose value is increasing. The sum you got together for a single Poker session or tournament should only be a small part of the bankroll, thus enabling you to endure hard times and not to be too dependant from just a few Poker evenings. If the bankroll is growing, the stakes will automatically get higher, too. Your mission is to increase your capital step by step and not to be dependant to win this one hand and on this particular evening.

Your mood

The worst enemy of the Poker player lies within himself: bad or destructive moods. Especially after a few lost hands, a lot of players tend to want to recoup losses quickly and end up losing even the rest of their chips. Who can't restrain his anger over an unlucky game, must absolutely pause. Tomorrow is indeed another day. Who wants to win in Poker, must also behave like a winner. That means to try the best and to play reasonably. If, from a certain moment, this is no longer possible, because you're stuck in a bad mood or you're exhausted and not focused, then it's high time to close the Poker software.

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How to bet in Poker?

Betting chips or raising stakes is the essential element of Poker. But setting or raising involves a whole lot of strategic principles: what are the reasons to bet and what exactly do you want to achieve with it? Refer to a series of motives and strategic considerations.

The most obvious reason for betting is the strength of your hand. You intend the pot to grow and thus to increase your yield. You want players with worse hands to stay in the game and to pay you eventually. You play according to the principle of value maximization, which means nothing else that you get the most out of your favourably hand.

You have (presumably) the worse hand

If you think that your hand is the underdog, you can still mock a better hand. You can bluff, but there's right and wrong how to bluff! Your stakes shouldn't make the pot grow too much, because it could scare other players off, if it's about too much money. With a bluff you represent a strong hand. If you're good at bluffing, you know exactly which hand you just want to pretend. When it's an ace at the Flop and you believe that no player has hit the top pair, you can simply simulate just that. No matter what cards you really have, just play as if you had an ace, and thus the top pair.

The Continuation Bet

Other tactical considerations may play a role in betting. One of the classic moves is called continuation bet. Imagine you have raised before the Flop with a very strong starting hand. But at the Flop you don't hit anything. If you just keep betting anyway, you play exactly the move called continuation bet. Your opponents don't know you didn't hit anything the Flop, but they know that one round earlier you had shown strength and therefore have to expect that you're still convinced of the strength of your hand.

The Protection Bet

Quite common amongst good players: the protection bet. As the name implies, you protect your own hand. This means that you e.g. have a very strong hand at the Flop, which is very vulnerable though. Especially if you think that other players have an uncompleted hand (flush draw or straight draw) and want to see the Turn as "cheap" as possible, you should play theprotection bet. Hence you intend to make the additional card for your opponents more "expensive".

Other betting tactics

There are other intentions, which may come into play when betting. If you have too many opponents, you could lower them by strong betting, so you only have to beat a few players. Or you provoke a response of your opponent. If you have absolutely no idea how strong your own hand or the hand of your opponents might be, you just bet to see how your opponents react. In any case, your opponents have to do some action and that in turn, could give you the necessary information you needed for your assessment. If you don't have a particularly good hand, but one that has much potential, you can try to get a "free card". Suppose that a player bets at the Flop. You raise his bet and your opponent in turn calls this raise. At the Turn your opponent probably expects to be raised from you again and may only check. You can then just check, too, and thus have achieved a round without betting.

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Sports Gambling : Online Sports Betting

Today, people across the globe are spending millions of dollars and to play and enjoy online sports-book betting. You can review different online sportsbooks as well. There are several advantages to online betting.

Convenience - Online betting offers you the convenience of betting 24*7. Your computer listing will give you the availability of lines and odds making it easier for you to place bets. You do no need to fight game-time busy signals; you will find both, betting limits higher and lower on your screen.

Options for sports betting - Online sports betting through sportsbooks offers several more options, including basics like sides, totals and parlays as well as teasers and thrilling big-game props. It also offers gambling on the popular non-sporting events.

Cash bonus is as good as free money - Online sports bettors receive the advantage of initial deposit bonuses and redeposit bonuses. Some offer 20% bonuses, which mean that if you open an account with $500, you get $100 free. Redeposit $1000 down the road, and get $200 free.

Better lines - The more sports bets you place, higher are your chances of getting a better line.

Payment is ensured - The best online sportsbooks have authentic legal licenses and are properly regulated. They always have enough cash and also have a reputation to protect. This ensures that that there will be no fraudulent behavior and that you will get your money. Some of these are also traded on stock exchanges.

Simple and safe - The sign-up process is quick and easy, and with the best online sportsbooks, your personal information remains confidential.

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